Vehicle accidents can take place. Even if it’s totally normal to be shocked after experiencing them, it’s vital to get back to your senses and learn how you can recover from it as much as early as you can. You need to remain calm and retain your concentration. Aside from that, you have to guarantee that everyone is fine and to consider having you and your vehicle conveyed to a safe place. That’s the main topic that we’ll be discussing in this post. Keep on reading and use it as a guide to know everything about the things you should do and how accident towing can aid you in case of emergencies. 

Know what your insurance covers 

Before you call a towing company that handles towing accidents and emergency towing service in Evansville, guarantee that you know whether roadside assistance is also covered in your insurance policy. Other insurance companies cover the emergency towing’s total cost while some just shoulder a part of the total price. Moreover, insurance providers partner with towing companies and directly pay them. Hence, you do not need to do it yourself. On the other hand, others will anticipate you to pay for it but will compensate you for your payments eventually. If you are unsure about what to do, the best thing to take would be to reach out to your insurance provider and ask about this detail.  

Let the authorities know about your situation 

When you are in the clear, it would be recommended to immediately get your phone and contact your local emergency number. The earlier the police will arrive, the sooner they can help you take control of the situation and block the traffic. Moreover, you can let the emergency responders know about what’s happening to you now and guarantee that those who are injured will have the medical attention that needs. Moreover, the police will create a scene report, which will serve as an important role in knowing who was on the wrong. This way, you’ll know who gets to cover the expenses.  

Move out of the danger’s way 

Switch on your hazard lights and attempt to move far from the traffic. Hazard lights will let other drivers notice your car, particularly during heavy weather or night. When your vehicle can still in great condition and can still be used, guarantee to move it on the roadside or in an emergency stopping lane. Once a vehicle is damaged, it can simply lead to more danger, particularly when it is left in the middle of the road. When you can’t get it off the main road, leave your vehicle and go-ahead to a spot where you’ll be safe. 

Never just contact any towing service company 

Nowadays, there are tons of towing companies that are accessible today. Some of them are legit and some of them are scammers. So, you need to beware. If you want to guarantee the quality of the service, make sure to do some research about them and ask for references.